Range of aftercare services will be provided at AFEZ including:

Security Services

Provision and implementation of comprehensive security services 24/7 days per week at AFEZ, including: 

  • availability of mobile patrol on site,
  • camera surveillance room,
  • multiple security booths to regulate entry / exits points to AFEZ and HQ building,
  • a single fence which contains lighting and CCTV, 
  • x-ray and metal detectors equipment availability at each entry point to the main building, etc.   

Cleaning Services 

  • HQ daily cleaning activities, including deep cleaning works during night shift,
  • roads, parking lots, pedestrian roads, bicycle sidewalks regular wash by specialized mechanical road cleaning equipment,
  • regular collection and disposal of waste from HQ and common areas,
  • outside facade windows wash, etc.

Technical Maintenance Services 

  • constant planned preventive maintenance of regular activities of all installed equipment on site in order to keep them running, to avoid any breakdowns,
  • repair works arrangements in case of necessity,
  • 24/7 availability of technical staff, 
  • full handover of main building upon a completion of construction works,
  • HQ daily operation management using specialized facility software SINGU FM to allow access to technical equipment documentation, reporting, online requests for maintenance tasks, work orders approval, etc.,
  • existence of emergency facilities maintenance services on site, etc.

Landscaping Services 

  • maintain general lawn care duties, take care of plants and other related grounds

Additional aftercare services will be at investor’s disposal, which are not limited to maintenance of offices and industrial facilities, catering, pest control services etc.