In line with international benchmark locations, the AFEZ will provide a package of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for investors engaged in high value-added and export-oriented manufacturing and internationally traded services.

Exemption from value-added tax, withholding tax, and any other corporate taxes.

Exemption from customs duties and taxes on import to the free zone and export from the free zone.

No personal income tax for employees (if the monthly salary does not exceed 8000 manat - approximately $4700).

Social security payments for foreign skilled personnel are optional and for local personnel are obligatory.

No restrictions on foreign ownership.

No requirement for a local partner.

Trade facilitation–based customs regime.

No restrictions on foreign currency or profit repatriation.

Investors’ property is immune from any nationalization, expropriation measures or any other restrictions on private ownership.

Access to visas for foreign nationals.

On-site one-stop shop business appraisal, licensing, permitting (without any base economy authorities or agencies involvement).

Independent dispute resolution procedures in accordance with best international standards.

Full protection of intellectual property rights.

Assistance in finding local skilled personnel.

Independent regulatory authority.