AFEZ Authority is in the process of developing its own custom built training facility to provide trained personnel for companies establishing on the Zone. 

In the interim, AFEZ Authority is partnering with the Ministry of Education and SOCAR, the state-owned national oil and gas company. These organizations agreed to provide new training programs, which are not limited to:

  • machine operators, 
  • welders, 
  • information technologies and systems engineering,
  • electricians, 
  • mechanical engineering,
  • chemical engineering,
  • computer aided design (CAD),
  • computer aided manufacturing (CAM). 

In future, AFEZ Authority will be cooperating with: 

  • Azerbaijan Technical University, 
  • Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, 
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, 
  • Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, 
  • Baku Higher Oil School,
  • Baku State University, 
  • Azerbaijan Medical University.

and other universities to facilitate specific customized training programs to meet investor’s needs.