The legal framework for the development, operation and governance of Alat Free Economic Zone is based on the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “on the Alat Free Economic Zone”, adopted by the Parliament of Azerbaijan, and signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan as a prevailing law of the Republic of Azerbaijan and internal regulations of AFEZ issued by the Alat Free Economic Zone Authority.

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Alat Free Economic Zone declares that AFEZ legislation, which consists of the Law on AFEZ and internal regulations of AFEZ, taking precedence over base economy legislation.

To clearly demonstrate precedence of AFEZ legislation over base economy legislation and exclude possibility of any conflicts, misunderstandings, contradictions in the interpretation of the provisions of AFEZ legislation and base economy legislation, relevant amendments were made and adopted by our Parliament in constitutional law on normative-legal acts, in tax, customs, licensing, labor, dispute resolution and other (more than 80) laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and these amendments clearly acknowledge that AFEZ legislation takes precedence over those laws of Base Economy.